Building Stronger Communities

Olive Road exists to help disadvantaged and marginalised Tasmanians to
live independently with dignity and become active participants in their communities

Many vulnerable Tasmanians experience cycles of disadvantage that prevent them from moving towards their potential for themselves and their family. The cycles are often underpinned by issues such as family breakdown and violence, chronic health issues, long term unemployment, lack of education, social isolation and addiction.

Inspired by the life and work of Jesus, Olive Road seeks to support projects that will transform the lives of Tasmanians in need by helping individuals and families to increase their control over their lives and live independently with dignity, building stronger communities and providing high quality and distinctively Christian care to Tasmanians who would otherwise be isolated from support.

Olive Road is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Tasmania

“We believe that for youth to build resilience within the world they need to be connected, encouraged and motivated. Hope Café is a training ground for local youth to gain real life experience and provide pathways to employment within hospitality.”

Tanya Cavanagh

Hope Café by Teen Challenge Tasmania

Some of the great Tasmanian organisations we’ve been able to support

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