Funding Priorities

We are seeking to support projects that draw on the local expertise and knowledge of grassroots organisations and churches to achieve positive impact against the following Funding Priorities: 

Community Relief and Connection

Projects that will provide a mix of emergency or other relief of poverty or distress with strategies that will create opportunities for social connection for individuals and families experiencing isolation or strategies that increase the capacity of individuals and families to live independent lives.

Strengthening Families

Projects that will strengthen families (including fostering and kinship care arrangements) to move out of the cycles of disadvantage and /or trauma that have hindered their ability to function effectively as a family unit or independently manage their day to day affairs.  

Resilient Kids and Young People

Projects that will work with identifiably ‘at-risk’ children and young people to assist them to feel safe, develop their resilience and remain engaged in education, employment and/or therapeutic activities. 

Financial Independence

Projects that will work with individuals and families experiencing disadvantage to develop knowledge and skills to manage their financial affairs effectively and to a budget and/or assist their capacity to manage debt.

Success in Tenancy

Projects that will assist individuals and families with a history of housing instability and/or an inability to consistently maintain a tenancy to develop the skills and behaviours to succeed in a tenancy over the long term.

Pastoral Care to the Ageing

Projects that will reduce the isolation felt by residents of aged care facilities or older Tasmanians experiencing ongoing challenges such as elder abuse, housing insecurity and poor health.

Breaking Addiction

Projects that will assist individuals to break cycles of addiction and develop the ability to live independent and connected lives free from addiction.

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“The Rhythm to Recovery therapeutic Drum Beat Programs are conducted by Jeremiah Soetan under the SWIFT Program (Supporting Wellness In Families Together).  The generous support received from Olive Road has impacted many young participants.”

<< Jeremiah Soetan

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